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Effective communication is universally one of the hardest skills to master. Expressing oneself properly takes practice and even with practice, it is easy for others to misinterpret meanings.
In order to make communication more efficient and to avoid unnecessary ambiguity in communication, a universal set of expressions has been compiled to ease the communication between endoskeletons coming from different parts of the universe.

Emote list

Name Chat command Notes
Bow /bow Show respect
Clap /clap If you're happy and you know it.
Crossarms /crossarms When you need to appear tough!
Dance 1 /dance, /dance1 Moves of an empire lieutenant, recorded in secret.
Dance 2 /dance2 Moves by an empire researcher, recorded in secret.
Dance 3 /dance3 Moves by an empire melee trainer, recorded in secret.
Dance 4 /dance4 Hardbass, yes!
Flex /flex Show off your metallic body
Golfclap /golfclap For low effort achievements
Hands up /handsup Don't shoot!
Hands on hip /hips Mmyes!
Impatient /impatient When waiting for friends to show up.
Lol /lol, /kek, /haha, /laugh For any funny moments.
Maybe /maybe, /dunno When you are unsure of something
No /no, /disagree, /negative When you disagree with someone.
Point /point Allows pointing up and down.
Push-up /pushup Pump up the jam.
RockPaperScissor /rps, /rockpaperscissors, /kvp Randomizes one animation from three possible ones.
Salute /salute When greeting a higher-up.
Shrug /shrug When someone asks if you brought enough fuel for the trip.
Sigh /sigh ...
Squat /squat Comfier position.
Surrender /surrender When you wish to surrender to pirates.
Tenhut /tenhut ATTENTION!
Thanks /thanks, /ty, /grateful When you want to thank someone.
Thinking /thinking, /ponder, /hmm Pondering life's big questions
Thumbs up /thumbs Well done!
Wave /wave Wave to someone. Allows aiming up and down.
Wavebig /wavebig Wave to someone far away!
Yes /yes, /affirmative, /nod, /agree When you agree with someone.