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Early Access

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Fb official info 32x32.png Official page: This page is maintained by Frozenbyte, the developers of Starbase, and cannot be edited by users. Information on this page has been confirmed to be correct at the time of writing (please get in touch if you notice anything odd or outdated).

Starbase Early Access release date target is July 29th on Steam (not a 100% promise)

General information

Starbase Early Access release date
Starbase Early Access target date is 29th of July, 2021 on Steam. Wishlist now at

Early Access price
We currently think the maximum launch price will be 40 euros (or $40). We will make the final pricing decisions when we announce the availability of the game in Early Access.

Early Access goal
Our goal for Early Access is to create a smooth and welcoming experience to new players - we still need a lot of work on this, among other features. We also have a lot of technical work to be done, to optimize the game for online play with even larger player amounts and reduce lag, and just in general to make sure the game actually runs on a wide variety of computers with varying components. And finally, we have a lot of gameplay "loops" (features) that are either missing or not polished. We'll be doing all of this and more during Early Access, and it will take time.

Will there be an Open Alpha?
We currently have no plans for an Open Alpha, as we have so many players signed up for Closed Alpha already. We will ramp up the player numbers in Closed Alpha as we go towards Early Access launch, but we most likely will not have a truly Open Alpha or playtest. See #closed-alpha for more information!

System requirements

Check out System requirements for more information.