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Dark Star Imperium

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Organization DSIBannerFULL.png


Dark Star Imperium
DSI Discord Logo AnimationTemplate.png
Leadership Council
Founders (Diplomacy, Recruitment)
I.A.F. (Imperial Armed Forces)
  • CountAmon
  • Deathwatch
R&D (YOLO, Ship Design)
  • ErebusAlpha
  • Damienmccain
  • DeltaEon
Logistical (economy, construction)
  • Admiral Zander
  • Ethan Kel
Commissars (security)
  • Joseph Hetzenauer
Faction Information
Government type: Imperial / Meritocracy
Focus: Tech, Military
Official Colors: Crimson, Dark Gray, Black
Motto/Slogan For a common purpose. United by an uncommon bond / Non Absorbetur Mors Foedari.
Date of founding: MAY 24, 2018
Member count 800+
Discord Link
Tags DSI name, [DSI]
Foreign Affairs
Alliances Lodestar


Enemies None formally declared

As a Meritocracy, our community is built around the collective individual efforts of our members. Everyone within the Imperium has to earn their way from the bottom. Anything you want to achieve in a gaming community is within reach in the Imperium if you put in the hard work and determination. We dabble in all things, but "PvP/combat" is at our core. We are not just a PvP clan but a community with a passion for originality and creativity. We play just about everything and when it comes to establishing supremacy on the virtual battlefield we strive to excel in all aspects of warfare. DSI OrgPage SBwiki02.png