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Dark Army

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The Dark Army

New D.A Logo.png


The D.A is a Monarchic, Militaristic Faction ruled by the Founder and current Leader. It is a multi game branching faction that aims to establish themselves as a considerable force in the gaming world.


The Goal of the D.A as a multibranching faction is total domination over any game and area it can take. The Goal of it in Starbase is pretty much the same thing Total domination of the Starbase Galaxy with the Lodestar Alliance.


  • We are the eyes of the void always watching its prey.
  • We are the hands of the void ready to strike with unmatched force.
  • We are the ears of the void for we hear what they don’t.
  • We are the ravaging swarm never to be seen but to be feared with shivering knees.
  • We rarely appear but when we do then that will be the last thing they will ever seen again.
  • We are the fear that they call the unknown.
  • We do not descriminate those who join us for they are our brothers and sisters.
  • We do not forget as that would give the enemy a form of forgiveness.
  • We are the D.A


Screenshot 5.png

Command structure

Screenshot 1.png