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Church of the Forge God

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Church of the Forge God
Patriarch of the Forge Emmanuel VII
Patriarch of the Furnace Heinrich II
Government Type Theocracy
Ruling Council The Furnace
Faction Information
Motto “For the Forge.” or "For the Forge God"
Membership ~20-30
Discord Link
Foreign Affairs
Alliances None
Enemies Classified

The Church of the Forge God is a Religious Themed Starbase Faction with Lofty Ambitions to become a Major Power, becoming a Leading Producer of Technology and Ships, all for the honour of the Forge God.


The Church is split into 3 different main sections. As we serve the Forge God, the three main sections are Fashioned after the tools of the Incarnation of the Forge God, Hephaestus. If you look you can see that our church symbol shows these three tools, showing the Significance of each Underneath the sun, Representing working under the might of the Forge Gods Will. Each one supports the other in unity.

The Hammer

This is the Section of the Faction dedicated to Design and Production. Hammers strike metal into Tools and Weapons, they therefore are responsible for creating keeping the Faction afloat through the Making and Selling of ships and blueprints. They are also responsible for keeping the Production and Efficiency of the forge alive.

The Anvil

Strong and Stoic, the Anvil always stands, withstanding any strike upon it. The Anvil is the military section of the Forge, protecting the Forges interests above all else. The Anvil is required to be strong as it is the backbone of the faction. During Peacetime, they act as Pioneers, expanding the Domain of the Forge, building a Presence in New Territories. The Anvil section can also assist with tasks such as Building and Mining, all the while being ready to react to any Military action that may occur.

The Tongs

The Tongs are responsible for the supply of the forge, as they oversee Logistics and Mining. The Tongs carry molten metal for the Anvil and Hammer, allowing them to perform their functions. Their Civic role also extends to external matters if necessary, such as being envoys to other powers. The Tongs are held responsible for relations with other factions and providing the resources for the Anvil and Hammer to work.




Our main focus is designing cutting edge Technology and implementing their Masterful Production, this will be our main source of Revenue, Political and Military influence.


If you like our faction then please consider joining we always have space for new players and keep in mind the harder you contribute and the greater your ambitions, the better you will do in our faction! BUT ABOVE ALL ELSE WE ARE THE CHURCH OF THE FORGE GOD