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Starbase pilot chair.png

Starbase passenger chair.png

Chairs are a type of seat, usually equipped with four legs.
The known universe has a variety of chairs with different functions and designs, such as pilot chairs of spaceships or benches that can usually be found at space stations.

Basic information

All chairs and benches can naturally be sit on as that is (usually) their main function.
Within the known universe, pilot chairs, however, also have some specific features.
All pilot chairs are interactable and from them the key binds of the nearby devices can also be customized.

For pilot chairs to function properly, they need to be assembled correctly.

  • Pilot seats are assembled from four pieces which have to be bolted together:
    • Seat
    • Stand
    • Two sides (arm rests)

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages: