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Arcturus Industries

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Arct logo.PNG
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Faction Information
Motto: Unum gradus praemisit
Tag: [AI]
Date of Founding: August 17, 2019
Member Count: 5
Discord Link:
Foreign Affairs
Allies: The Athenaeum, Sol Primus, The Enigma Complex
Enemies: None Formally Declared


Founded on August 17, 2019, by its leader, Firelord, Arcturus Industries is a multipurpose faction that strives to stay one step ahead. This means having the latest, most effective technology and stratagem. AI is not a faction that will back down when faced with opposition, however strong or weak that opposition may be.

Faction Structure

Arct faction structure.PNG

The above diagram shows the structure of Arcturus Industries to the exclusion of jobs (specifically non-military). Note that the hierarchy depicted does not go into full effect until all positions are met.


It is the leader's job to decide what direction the faction will focus on, along with issuing orders directly to the Information Acquisition Group (IAG), Elite Attack Group (EAG), and all three commanders. The leader can also issue orders to the squadrons directly, although this is usually done when either the commander position for a squadron has not been filled or the leader is addressing both a squadron and its commander simultaneously.

Advisory Committee and Review Board

The Advisory Committee and Review Board are somewhat independent entities although they are definitely still part of the faction. The Advisory Committee's job is to assess the current state of the faction and help determine what actions the faction should be taking. Essentially, it generates suggestions and advice. The Review Board is in some ways the inverse of the Advisory Committee, in that it takes a deep look at the faction at all levels, including the leader, to make sure that everything that happens is beneficial to the faction in the long run or at least had this intention. Fundamentally, it fights corruption and keeps the faction running smoothly. Both entities are designed such that the Advisory Committee influences decision-making while the Review Board reviews the outcomes of decisions. The Review Board, after reviewing a decision that originated in the Advisory Committee, will give feedback to the Committee to help make better suggestions in the future.
-For the Committee, players with exceptional logic and reasoning skills, along with a good sense of the current politics of Starbase and a record of making good decisions and coming up with good ideas are offered a position.
-For the Board, players with remarkable integrity and honesty, along with good logic and reasoning skills and a good sense of the current politics of Starbase are offered a position.

Information Acquisition Group and Elite Attack Group

The specific details as to what exactly these groups do are currently classified, and may or may not be released at a later time. What can be said is that they answer directly to the leader.


Commanders pass down orders from the leader to their squadron. However, the leader will give them an order with a specific goal in mind, not a way to execute such an order. It is the commander's job to determine the best way to execute the order and then pass that down to the squadron. In doing this, commanders play a vital role in Arcturus Industries.
-Only the best of the best are offered a position as a commander. Requirements vary but include exceptional logic, reasoning, integrity, a very good sense of politics, a record of coming up with excellent ideas that work well, and being a remarkable tactician.


Squadrons consist of soldiers. Although it may not seem like it, squadrons play the most important role of all, because, without them, nothing would happen. The leader can give orders, the commanders can plan actions, but at the end of the day, the squadrons are doing most of the work. When not following an order, soldiers usually have a passive task, such as guarding a facility or patrolling an area.
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