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Archen Industries

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Archen Industries

Archen Industries
Archen Industries logoo.JPG
  • TheChillGuy
  • TheGodFatherDa
  • tbd
  • tbd
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Goal Technological Development
Date of founding: March 2020
Member count 2
Discord Discord Server


Archen Industries is engineering and design company founded on March 9, 2020 by TheGodfatherDA and TheChillGuy.

Who We Are?

We are a multifaceted organization that seeks to carve out own region in space. We seek to aid our fellow endoskeletons in their endeavors. Those who join us will be a part of an organization that aims to help them to develop their abilities and bring out their potential. Through trade and commerce we seek to expand our influence to all corners of the universe with the ultimate goal of creating our own space station. It is dangerous to venture out in space alone and so we implore you to join us. Help us to build an empire!

What We Do?

Some of our services include:

  1. Weapons Systems Designing and Manufacturing
  2. Civilian Ship Manufacturing
  3. Military Ship Designing
  4. Mining
  5. Ship Repairs
  6. Exploration
  7. Space Station Construction
  8. Trading
  9. Salvaging
  10. Cargo hauling


We seek to have a close knit, but a structured organization


There are no limitations and we all encourage everyone to contribute as much ideas as possible.


Manufacturing Division: Chief Engineer Weapons Systems Department Leader

       - Weapon Systems Engineers

Civilian Ship Department Leader

       - Civilian Ship Engineers

Military Ship Department Leader

       - Military Ship Engineers

Station Department Leader

       - Station Engineers

Mining: Mining Expedition Leader


Salvagers Trading: Head Merchant


Exploration: Grand Explorer Asteroid Discovery Department

   - Explorers


   - Spies

Defense Fleet - Grand Admiral

       - Gunners
       - Ground Sqaud Leaders
           - Troopers
       - Fighter Squad Leaders
           - Fighter Pilots

If you guys would like to join, Please join our Discord Server.