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Advanced Computer Engineering and Science Research Foundation (ACES)

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Advanced Computer Engineering and Science Research Foundation
Leader: Tito Catto
Company Director Ditnyte
Head of Security Lama man
Head of Personnel Pizza Fox
Chief Engineer GamingGuyLV
Faction Information
Official Colors: Not decided yet
Official Motto/Slogan Not decided yet
Date of founding: October 2019
Membership strength ~42
Primary Industry Computer Engineering and Science Research
Secondary Industry Commercial, military
Foreign Affairs
  • Zeus Autonomy
  • Red Martian Axis
  • Orbital Salvage Corporation

  • RAMBO Allience

About =

Advanced Computer Engineering and Science research foundation or as you may know it: ACES is an independent corporation dedicated to the development and enhancement of various technologies and systems within the game, Starbase. Our company has two main industries: starship design/manufacturing and computer networking. As a shipyard, we strive to design and produce only the most advanced and highest quality starships for our clients, both for the military and civilian markets. As a computer networking industry, we provide a number of services to our clients which include but are not limited to: industrial design, mining automation, universal positioning system development, database, network engineering and network security. Our top priority is to deliver high quality products specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. As such, we will work with our clients to deliver exactly what they want, even if it means dedicating a team of engineers to work on designing a whole new product from the ground up. ACES takes the clients' privacy seriously and it is guaranteed that any information confided with us will not be redistributed in any way.
Advanced Computer Engineering and Science research foundation was founded late last year, i'd say in about october, but no one can say precisely when.

Who is behind ACES?

ACES was first founded by SadTaste(aka Tito Catto) alongside ChazwickOne late last year. Since then ChazwickOne has left the high command leaving SadTaste as it's leader.
When ChazwickOne left, he left us a wonderful message that i will probably never forget:
``To anyone who doesn’t know who I am, my name is ChazwickOne and I co-founded ACES alongside Tito late last year. Since then, we have watched the company grow into a competitive player in the ship manufacturing and technology industry, as well as a wonderful community for both members and business partners alike. Unfortunately, life circumstances forced me into a state of relative inactivity around December last year, which is why I don’t know many of you and you don’t know me. As such, the community and the company as a whole has evolved without me to become what it is today. It is for this reason among others that I believe I need a fresh start, and I don’t think I can find that here. Thus, I have decided to leave the company. However, before I go I would like to apologize for not fulfilling my duties as a leader of ACES for the past few months. Though I care deeply about ACES and want only what’s best for it, given the choice between ignoring my life in the real world and ignoring my duties in ACES, I will always choose the latter. I hope you can understand. With that said, I sincerely wish you all the best and hope that together you all can make this company better than it ever was. I look forward to watching it prosper.``

Joining ACES

You can join ACES discord right here!
You can try to join, but i can't guarantee you will be in...