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Towing beam (Assembly)

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Towing beam (assembly).png
An assembled towing beam
Towing beam
Type Utility device
Function Towing other ships

Size 300×96×72 cm
Mass 7,883.98 kg
Volume 792.36 kv
Corrosion resistance 400

Input / Output
Electric input 5 e/s per ton towed

Towing beam.png
Utility tool body 1.png
Utility capacitors.png

The towing beam is a device that can be used to tow other ships.

The towing beam uses power relative to the mass of the ship being towed (5e/s per ton), this mass is also added to the ship's mass, slowing the towing ship, but not adding any stress.

Outside of a safezone any ship can be towed, inside a safezone only un-owned ships are able to be towed.

Device fields

Towing beam

YOLOL field description range
TowBeamOnState The towing beam turns off when this is set to 0 and on when set to anything else 0 - 1
TowBeamSearchLength The distance the beam will try extend to, and try to grab ships from. 200
TowBeamStatus 0 if off, 1 if on, 2 if a ship is being towed. 0 - 2
LockedMass The mass of the towed ship, in kg. 0 -

Utility tool capacitor

YOLOL field description range
StoredLocalPower How much power is stored in the capacitor 0 - 4000
MaxLocalPower Maximum amount of power that can be stored 4000

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