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Template:SB Infobox Equipment Specifications

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{{SB Infobox Equipment Specifications
  |velocity="Velocity" + m/s (meters per second)
  |rateOfFire="Rate of fire" + RPM (abbreviation for rounds per minute)
  |range= "Range" + 'meters'
  |magazineCapacity= "Magazine capacity"
  |reloadTime="Reload time" + 'seconds'
  |projectileMass="Projectile mass" + 'voxels'
  |suppressUnitsPM=Supress the addition of 'voxels' in |projectileMass
  |projectileEnergy="Projectile energy"
  |projectileLifetime="Projectile lifetime"
  |bulletSpread= "Bullet spread" expressed in degrees
  |storageCapacity=For backpacks, etc.
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