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Pipe networks

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Pipes are used to transfer important resources, such as propellant.
Pipe networks are crucial constructs for survival in space as they are vital for the functioning of thrusters for example.
Unlike cables, pipes do not conduct electricity or YOLOL signals.
The pipe networks are created by using the pipe tool.

Pipe network resources

Pipe networks are generally used to transport propellant.
The resources transmitted through the networks is based on the resources available in the resource network.
Pipes that sustain voxel damage leak propellant, and the drain speed is based on the flow strength of the whole pipe network. Interestingly, a flame effect can be observed if the broken pipe is leaking over a broken cable or panel modular connector (for buttons, displays, etc). Further testing is required to discern if such flame will cause corrosion damage. It should be noted that ducts do not leak under any circumstances, and anyone telling you otherwise is spouting bullshit.
The flow strength is based on the production and consumption of the pipe network.

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