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Ore collector (Assembly)

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Ore collector (Assembly) (Exploded).png
An exploded view of an assembled ore collector
Ore collector
Type Mining device
Function Collects ore

Size 216×96×72 cm
Mass 6,153 kg
Volume 618.4 kv
Corrosion resistance 370

Input / Output
Electric input 3,500 e/s

Ore collector.png
Utility tool body 1.png
Utility capacitors.png

The ore collector functions as an industrial version of the backpack, vacuuming up small ore chunks, it is often used along with mining lasers.

Basic information

  • The ore collector consumes energy while collecting ore chunks, equal to the 'power' field.
    • At 1000 power the ore collector collects ore at the rate of 1 mining laser, at 6000 power it can keep up with 3.5 mining lasers.
  • The ore collector must be connected through a pipe network to modular ore cargo crates to function, collected ore is placed into the connected crates.
  • The collection area is a 20x5x5m cuboid, extending 20m out in the direction the ore collector points.


A ore collector needs to be attached to several objects to function:

The hardpoint needs connected to power and your ships network via Cable or Duct to supply power. The hardpoint also needs connection via Pipe or Duct to unfilled modular ore cargo crate. If you can see your ships inventory while connected via a Resource Bridge you can right click and delete any ore to make room for the ore collector to collect more ore.

Device fields

Ore collector

YOLOL field description range
ToggleOn Ore collector turns off when this is set to 0 and on when set to anything else 0 - 1
Power Determines how fast the collector collects ore, and how much power it consumes in KV. 0 - 6000

Utility tool capacitor

YOLOL field description range
StoredLocalPower How much power is stored in the capacitor 0 - 4000
MaxLocalPower Maximum amount of power that can be stored 4000

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

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