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News Broadcasts

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On this page you can find news and how-to videos about life in the galaxy.


The amazing music you can hear throughout the galaxy:

Collection of Bugs

A bug reel:

EOS 222

A timelapse video of the beatiful gas giant EOS 222:

Getting Started

Valuable tips on how to start your life out here in our galaxy:

Spaceship Designer

A How to Guide on designing your own spaceship using the Spaceship Designer:

Companies and Factions

Information on companies and factions in the galaxy:


The robots of the universe, the endoskeletons:


A lesson on missiles:


Learn everything you wanted to know about stations:

Spaceship Design

Watch the video for tips on how to design your own spaceship:


Here is some useful info about your everyday tools in space:

Space Battle

Footage from a recent battle between the Empire and the Kingdom:

Asteroid Mining

Learn more about your first job in space, asteroid mining:

Rental Lots

Find out how to build your very own star base:

Gunfights and Weapons

Learn more about fighting and weapons:

YOLOL programming

Check out how Starbase's programming language works:


Learn more about your faithful companions in space, spaceships:

Detailed destruction

Check out how damage can be inflicted:

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