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Elysium (Moon)

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The first celestial surface landed on by an Endoskeleton.


A flat, gray moon dotted with many mountains. It is believed to be the closest moon to the home station at about 20,000 km, and was the first to be explored. It's exact size and distance is unknown. It has since been given a green atmosphere, and is currently the only moon with city structures and a warp gate. Ships approaching the lunar surface should be built to withstand gravity.


Elysium has a Surtrite Atmosphere. Its Belt is a Surtrite Belt.


An expedition organised by Hatman, member of Collective, succeeded in being the first Endoskeleton to reach this moon. Hatman named it Elysium, which has since been its unofficial name, occasionally used by developers. Abbreviation: Ely.


The moon had been an intended goal for many adventurous individuals. The Collective had been planning the trip with Hatman as the lead. Hatman designed the Moonshot as the first spacecraft specifically designed for an expedition to the moon during a week of early Closed Alpha. The operation was carried out in secret, with only news being officially broadcast when Hatman went live on twitch 9 hours after the start of his journey. This was done to make sure he could not be pursued and/or attacked by other players wanting the stop him. The successful journey was actually the second attempt, as the first day's flight at May 17th was interrupted by server maintenance.

On the 20th of May, 2020, at around 10:45 Greenwich Mean Time, Hatman of the Collective landed on Elysium. The voyage took voyage took 43 hours, with an estimated 2 hours of total pauses for refuelling. The distance was estimated as 20,000 km. Upon arrival a bug caused Hatman's Range finders to fail in detecting the moon surface and automatically stop the ship. Due to the Hatman being AFK at the time and trusting the anti-collision system, the Moonshot crashed. Hatman and most of the ship survived as he was able to repurpose his ship in order to plant a Collective flag and name the moon Elysium. He then reported the range finder bug and explored the moon. This marked the first time an Endoskeleton reached any planetary surface, the first time a faction reached the moon, the first crash landing, and possibly the most famous bug report in the history of Starbase at the time.

Upon landing, Hatman's said his famous words: "One small crash for an endo. One giant leap for endokid. -kind. damnit."



The first moon city.


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