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Community page: This page is maintained by the Starbase community and is not officially approved or curated by the developers of Starbase.

Summary and how to use

  • This page is maintained by the community, check the rules below
  • Embed a YouTube video with <youtube>video_id_here</youtube>


  • It's ok to include your name or the creator's name, and have that name link to e.g. the userpage or faction page
  • However no advertising beyond those creator links - this is not a place to advertise, but a place to help other players
  • Please be respectful of others and try to avoid "edit wars"
  • Always embed video content, do NOT upload videos due to the high disk space requirements
  • You can upload images directly to the Wiki but try to upload only JPG or other lossy format so the Wiki server isn't spammed with high-bandwidth images
    • Avoid image and video hotlinking (such as using an URL directly from a Discord content server; add a ?nowiki to the end of URLs to avoid hotlinking)

Station guides

Origin map

Origin map (by Okim?) as of June 2021:

Starbase Origin-EN 2021 06.jpg

New player guides

28 July 2021 Kenetor: Starbase - Day 1 Info You Need!

31 July 2021 Kenetor: Starbase - The Tech Tree and Crafting Explained

Ship guides

Ship refueling

30 July 2021 Zenith Gaming Company: How to Refuel the Laborer Starter Craft in Starbase! | UPDATED

Ship building guides

Economy guides

June 2021 (Closed Alpha): GreeceGuy: Make Money Fast | Beginner guide | Starbase | 3.5 million+/h

Other videos

29 July 2021 ZaffBox: End of Starbase Closed Alpha - Welcome to Early Access!

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