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Collective glow3.png
Subnets & Leaders
Harmonic glow.pngHarmonic (diplomacy, RP, recruitment)
RD glow.pngR&D (YOLOL, ship design, programming, art)
  • Solon
Swarm glow.pngS.W.A.R.M. (military)
  • G.w.a.c.a
Logical glow.pngLogistical (economy, construction)
  • WhereThatWallAt
Firewall.pngFirewall (security)
  • Zaff
Intel.pngIntel (intelligence)
Faction Information
Government type: Technocracy / meritocracy
Focus: Tech, general
Official Colors: Dark red, crimson red, black
Motto/Slogan We are one.
Date of founding: May 30, 2019
Member count 750+
Discord Link
Tags <C:\name>, [COL]
Foreign Affairs
Alliances Substrate Logo V2.png Substrate
Enemies None formally declared

The Collective is a tech focused faction, chasing big achievements and technological milestones instead of galactic conquest. Collective consists of several autonomous branches, internally known as Subnets, each with its own structure, leadership and purpose. Althrough vastly different from one another, the Subnets share the ideologies of Collective and follow meritocratic principles: if you've got the skills and the dedication, you can rise up the ranks. Despite the menacing appearance and role play, the Collective hive mind is largely neutral and concerned only with its own improvement, aiming to stay outside of conflicts in the community.

Collective is a founding member of the Substrate Alliance.

Outdated, but insightful interview by Kenetor


     ./::-.`      ..             .         .--`    
    .:///////::-/////:-      .:////:---:///////.   
      `-///////////////.    `///////////////:-`    
 `::.`   `-////////////:    -////////////:-`   `.- 
 ://///:.`  .-//////-`       `.-//////:-`  `.:////-
  .:///////:.` .-///` `.----.` `///:.` `-:///////:`
    .://///////:.`.   ///////-  `.`.-://///////-`  
      `://///////-  `:////////-   ://////////-     
       .///////:`  .://////////-` `.////////`      
       .///////-  `//////////////   :///////`      
         .://:--   -////////////.  `://///-`       
           `        `:/-----:/-`       ``          
                     WE ARE ONE    `.`
              .////////// .//////////              
              `/////////: ./////////:              
               .:///////- `////////:`              
                  ://///. `//////`                 
                  `/////.  /////-                  
                   :////`  /////`                  
                   .////   :///-                   
                    ::/:   ://:`  


Collective aims to be the state-of-the-art in all technology and design; automating as much as possible, with the ultimate end goal of creating Von Neumann probes. Aesthetics hold minimal value, only functionality, efficiency and innovation matter.


Custom bots

Collective is home to several custom Discord bots with features ranging from management tools and moderation to integrating external services and even creating a virtual currency.

  • Central mind.pngCentral Mind - moderation, security and member application tools.
  • Utility module.pngUtility Module - role menus, automation and linking. Google API tools for automatic sharing of content.
  • Intel link.pngIntel Link - anonymous intel network.
  • Starmap bot.pngStarmap Bot - bringing Starmap tools to Discord.
  • Chipware.pngChipware - virtual currency.
  • Autovc.pngAutoVC - dynamic VC channel creation.
  • Admod.pngAdvertisement Module - ad posting reminder.
  • Alarm module.pngAlarm Module - notifying in Discord when blacklisted individuals are detected in-game near stations.
  • Substrate bot.pngSubstrate Bot - alliance-level automatic roles and member statistics.
  • LogisticalLeaderboardBotLogo.png Leaderboard Bot - tracks mining and station contribution.

Ship design

Collective prioritizes function over form. A few notable examples of ship design:


Hatman's ship, first to reach a moon in Starbase.


A fighter so heavily armed that a later patch increased weapon cost.

Nightblade Cockpit


Heavy fighter that won first, second, and third in the Boltcracker tournament.

Gladiator was used in the Boltcrackers Fleet PVP Tournament




ISAN is a navigation system for ships, made with YOLOL. Collective released ISAN to the public, so anyone can install it on their ship.

ISAN introduction video by Zaff


An interactive 3D map of Starbase based on the ISAN coordinate system. Anyone can access the public layer at

Starmap introduction video by Kenetor


The Collective consists of multiple specialized branches called Subnets. Each Subnet has its own structure, leadership and purpose.


Harmonic v2.png

Diplomacy, PR, HR, community management, lore and recruitment.

“Safeguarding Collective’s interests and creating a prominent reputation in the wider community through far-reaching visibility, enduring presence, amiable negotiators and exemplary conduct.” - Archduke


Rnd v2.png

Programming, ship design, media, artwork; most development and research. R&D designs, Logistics produces. Participate on a multitude of projects and have your mark on the outlook of the entire Collective.

“The think tank of R&D brainstorms and creates solutions for the problems all other branches of the Collective run into. Engineering a better tomorrow for the Collective, today.” - Hatman


Swarm v2.png

Space Warfare & Advanced Reconnaissance Module. Responsible for all military activity, including warfighting, patrolling, special operations and police actions. If you want to use the biggest guns and crew the largest ships, S.W.A.R.M. is the place for you.

“Space Warfare & Advanced Reconnaissance Module is to be a dominant force of defensive and offensive action. Using our stratagem, tactics, and technological superiority, we seek to safeguard the Collective and all of its assets, be those the biggest stations to the lowest-ranking units” - Goosedoff


Logistical v2.png

Construction, production, economics, mining and information management. Logistics makes money for the Collective, completes construction orders, creates the production lines, analyzes data produced by other branches and consults other branches based on statistics.

“Logistical Branch is to be the lifeblood of the Collective, ensuring for every willing Pilot of S.W.A.R.M, there is a fleet of military vessels to see Central Mind’s Will done, for every R&D Expression there are tools and resources at their disposal. It is through our works that the Collective’s greatness is made manifest, it is through our Order and Discipline that we can offer a timely turnaround of production. Respect the time of your peers, the time spent on the machinery you operate and ensure that you keep your works in order, that is how we will succeed.“ - Battle_wrath



Internal security and integration.

“Integrate or disintegrate!” - Zaff, probably



Intelligence gathering and espionage.



Want to integrate to Collective? Come visit our discord! Remember, integration is completely safe and definitely without significant pain.
Collective Discord:

Gif Join Collective.gif
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