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Station creator

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Station creator is an editor tool, that can be used to construct large housings, landing pads, stores, or stations easily.
The station creator can be accessed from Capital Mega Stations, that have open rental lots.
The rental lots can be accessed through a terminal, from where the leasing contract can also be acquired from.
An owned rental lot can then be edited by using the station creator.

Basic information

Renting a lot:

  1. A lot can only be rented if it is vacant.
    • Blue colored lots are not reserved, and can be rented.
    • Red colored lots are already rented by someone else.
    • Green colored lots are rented by you.
  2. Terminals that can be used either to Rent, Edit, or Resign the lots can be found near rentable lots.
    • Rent: When selecting Rent, the lot is reserved for the robot for seven days.
    • Edit: When pressing Edit, the consciousness of the robot is transferred into the virtual station creator, allowing the editing of the rented lot.
    • Resign: When pressing Resign, the lease contract is terminated immediately. Module pieces in the lot will be transferred away.

Station creator functions:

  1. Module pieces can be controlled in different ways.
    • Point tool: This allows the selection of modules in the lot. The tool is active when no other tool is selected.
    • Move tool: This allows the movement of modules in the lot within lot borders.
      • Module pieces can also be copied in the station creator.
    • Rotate tool: This allows the rotation of module pieces.
      • Modules can be rotated during placement in 90 degree intervals.
  2. Module pieces automatically snap together when placing them into the lot.
    • The snapping happens only on hallways that are the same size as the target.
  3. Even while building, it is possible to explore the station outside of the virtual station creator as well.

Build rules:

  1. Module pieces must be placed within the lot borders.
  2. Module pieces must snap to existing hallways.
  3. Only matching size hallways connect to each other.
  4. Building is only allowed on lots owned by you.

Uploading your station

  1. After the construction is finished, it is possible to upload the blueprint into the actual universe.