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  • We are a S.H.I.E.L.D (Sales and Hired Intervention or Enforcement Logistics Department) a trading company with a hired guns guild. Are you interested in joining us? read what we are all about.

Our plans

  • We are aiming to become a infamous faction known for our elite mercenary's and our cunning merchants. We hope to make a Huge Space ship as a hub for our business with a few outposts. If Trading, Protecting or Ambushing seems something for you, then you are more then welcome to join us!


  • Our main trading post is always moving finding new areas to harvest resources, selling what ever is available at the time, with miners working around the clock to keep resources stocked for you to buy.

Hired guns

  • We can be hired to: protect your cargo, ships and key members As well as: back you up in battle, attack and deposit cargo or assassinate key members of rival company's

Company Localization NL/EU

Invite link