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Rail trigger

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Starbase rail trigger.png

Rail triggers are attached to rails and used to control rail network behavior, either through YOLOL or directly by changing configured values.
Rail triggers detect rail movers passing by them.

Basic information

  • When bolted to a rail, rail triggers will detect rail movers passing by them.
  • When a mover passes, the rail trigger sets a single variable to either a predetermined value, or a value read from the triggering mover.

Device fields

To learn more about how to use fields, consult these wiki pages:

YOLOL field description range
RailTriggerOutput The output field the trigger writes to. None
RailTriggerValue Value written to RailTriggerOutput when a rail mover passes over.
RailTriggerReadMover If non-zero, will read the rail mover's RailMoverTriggerValue field and emit that instead of the trigger's RailTriggerValue.