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Propellant is the fuel for spaceship thrusters.
Propellant is usually contained in large, medium or small gas canisters.
These canisters are often placed inside a space ship, and bolted down to secure them.

Basic information

Propellant tanks do not usually require regular maintenance.
They are placed in a ship, connected to the ship's thrusters with a pipe tool, and replaced when empty or refueled at a station.
The small, medium and large tanks hold 1.5, 5, and 12 million units of propellant respectively.
Full propellant tanks cost 48000, 160000, and 378000 credits respectively in Spaceship Designer.
Propellant tanks with propellant inside explode when damaged.

Device fields

To learn more about how to use the device fields, consult these wiki pages:

Propellant canisters are also a part of:

YOLOL field description range
IsOpenId Input/output field for closing/opening connectors. 0 - 1
FlowId Output field for resource amounts flowing through the network.
GasContainerStoredResource Amount of propellant currently available in this container. 0 - GasContainerMaxResource
GasContainerMaxResource Maximum amount of propellant that can be stored in this container.
GasNetworkStoredResource Amount of propellant currently available in all conected containers. 0 - GasNetworkMaxResource
GasNetworkMaxResource Maximum amount of propellant that can be stored in all conected containers.