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Peace Keepers Umbra Lux

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Mission Statement

Before us is the greatest responsibility. A protector, to watch over those who may not watch over themselves. The Umbra-Lux Mission is to accept the honor of responsibility. To fly high with honor and integrity, while maintaining the strength of the light. Light is a shield which is assigned to those who will fight for those who cannot.

Shadow Passes, Light Remains

The Creed. Shadow Passes is to say, that the trials we face will come to pass. Light Remains because it never left, light dwells within each of us and our will. When we get through our challenges, we grow stronger if we allow trails to exercise our hope.


While on active duty a Keeper will maintain order by assisting civilians via calls for service. This shall and will be done while maintaining the greatest respect and reverence for the light. Calls will range from Pirates stealing cargo from miners, to helping lost crew and ships back to port. These duties maintain balance within the system.


Recruiting daily submit a request via the chain of command. Make your request known via Messaging the Umbra Lux Department.

Ranking and Chain of Command

Work in progress…..


Contact Captain Ace Via Discord:

Peace keepers Umbra Lux

keepers Umbra Lux