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Mining backpack

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Mining backpacks are backpacks specifically tailored for mining asteroids.
The mining backpack stores raw materials automatically and efficiently.

How it works


  1. Slots
    • Fixed slots for Pickaxe and Building tool.
    • Fixed slots for raw materials.
      • One slot can sustain 216kv of any raw material (or processed material).
  2. Collecting materials
    • Can automatically collect raw materials from two meter radius.
      • Can collect any raw material chunks that are less than 20kv in voxelmass. Cannot collect any other material of any size besides raw materials.
      • Single asteroid fractures can be demolished in to collectible debris (raw material nuggets) with the blunt end of Pickaxe.
  3. Material processing
    • Can process raw materials into building materials.
      • When toggled on, the backpack will process automatically each slot containing raw material.
        • The processing order is from top left slot to bottom right slot.
      • The process can be toggled off at any time.
    • It is also possible to select which slot will be processed.
      • When finished, the processing stops automatically.

How to get

From various Stations.