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Kreiker Industries

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Kreiker Industries
Corporate Board
Chief Executive Officer Name
Chief Operations Officer (open)
Chief Technology Officer (open)
Chief Marketing Officer (open)
Chief Security Officer (open)

About Us

We are a new company that designs ships and miscellaneous technology. Here are some reasons to join us!


➤ You decide how you are paid, Hourly or based on performance which makes more money total!

➤ Company ships, You get ships for your job that you can use for anything!

➤ Neutral Company for more business!

➤ Robot insurance

➤ 2 Weeks starting PTO!

➤ Pay Raises!

➤ Flexible Schedule, Any timezone!

➤ Friendly Community

➤ Transit Allowance

➤ Professional Development (Learn with us!)

Join Us

We need Engineers, Brokers, Miners, and Security, For more information about these jobs join the Discord!