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Feudal Conglomerate Kingdom (FCK)

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                                              We are the FCK -The Feudal Conglomerate Kingdom.
 We do not care to focus on one field, instead we choose to divide our resources into different divisions.

The current divisions are as follows:

 3.YOLOL Development
 4.Ship and Station Engineers

We are practice the feudal ideology and have no intent to become a democracy or a subsidiary / puppet state of the kingdom, the empire or any other faction or company. We do not strive for war, but if we must have it, we will not hold back.

                                      What Are The Roles And What Do The Duties Involve

Navy : Members of the navy are the pilots and commanders of the space fleet, navy members also transport marines to land battles. It is not uncommon for navy members to also be involved in the marines, navy members offer air support for marine members during battles.

Marines : Marines are the ground fighters responsible for invasion and land/station defense, marines are equipped with the heaviest armor and weaponry available, marine members are not expected to learn how to fly a craft, but it is not unusual for them to have a rank in the navy as well.

YOLOL : YOLOL developers/engineers are essential to the navy and space stations, no ship can function without the help of a YOLOL engineer to set up the code, it is not uncommon for YOLOL engineers to also be involved with Ship/Station Building Engineers but mainly focus on the code, the navy or the station engineers can ask freely for YOLOL help if there not preoccupied.

Ship and Station Engineer : Ship and Station Engineers are essential to the FCK, without them we would have no ships or stations, it is not uncommon for Ship and Station Engineers to be in the YOLOL division as well. The engineers can either present their ship plans to the navy to get funding to build ships, or use FCK equipment to build their own, Engineers do not need funding from the navy because they shall be give a set budget by the government and high ranks, they are only given navy funding on expensive projects such as the initial startup of the navy.

Scavenger : Scavengers are not a main priority for government funding but they provide a good source of alternative income flow. Scavengers do not take up one of your division slots as they are not a 100% dedication hands on job all the time.

Miners : Miners one of the most, if not the most important resource we can deploy into the galaxy, I would guess that miners would supply us with our main stream of income, it is not uncommon for miners to be involved in production and automation via factory lines, there is no role for automation or factory workers, but I could see that happening in the future but for now I think miners could also help with this along with help from all the other divisions.

                                              Rules of role assignment

you may choose a maximum of two divisions at one time, if you wish to change division you may, but you will loose all rank and start from the beginning unless you talk to your CO about it first, in that case it is up to your CO if you will loose your rank or not, every time you change division you will loose one rank, that is non negotiable under most circumstances. Even if your CO says you may keep your rank if you leave and come back if you remain absent from that division for more than 1 month you will loose at least 2 ranks.