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Cryptic Brotherhood

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Cryptic Brotherhood
Leader UnMercifulG
Co-Leader Quazniac
Co-Leader My_Coworker
Company Information
Motto: "Stronger Together"
Official Colors: Orange, Dark Grey, and White
Founded: November 19, 2019
Member count: 10+
Discord: Link

Cryptic Brotherhood

"We are stronger together!"

About Us


We are the Cryptic Brotherhood, an independent Private Military Contractor Company.
We will take on numerous contracts, with an emphasis on combat/security work.
Down the line, we plan on creating a trade hub station and managing a trade network.
We also plan to design/build ships and code for company use, but also for commercial use.


We not only hope to become an important and dedicated member of the Starbase universe, but also provide a safe and fun place for people to play and socialize with others!



Our Main Division: The combat division will include most of the members of the Cryptic Brotherhood. They will be conducting most of the contracts which pertain to combat/security work.


The research division will be in charge of designing and coding the ships used by the Cryptic Brotherhood, but also ships for commercial use.


The economy division will be in charge of research allocation, and in the future running and managing the Cryptic Brotherhood trade hub and trade network.


If you are interested in joining the ranks of the Cryptic Brotherhood, or you want to do business, do so by going to our discord and getting the appropriate role.


(Work In Progress)


During Development

November 19, 2019 : The Cryptic Brotherhood was founded
December 2019 - May 2020 : Company put on haitus
May 2020 : Reactivation of Company

Closed Alpha