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Cargo crate

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Starbase cargo crate.png

A simple storage unit, designed to store items.
A proper assembly of the crate creates cargo lock frame inside the cargo crate, enabling safe transportation of items.
Cargo crates function in a similar way as the cargo lock frames but the cargo crates are able to store less items inside them
Cargo crates also come in one standard size, unlike the cargo lock frame that can be built into any required size.

Basic information

  • A cheap, but frail storage unit.
  • Proper assembly requires five sides and a lid.
    • Once assembled properly, the lid should be able to open and close.
    • The lid also has a bolt lock mechanism to prevent the lid from accidentally opening.
  • All stored items maintain their mass and size when stored, so they have to physically fit inside the crate.
  • Items inside the cargo crate are transported along with the crate.
  • Cargo crates do not need electricity, unlike their more improved version modular crate.