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930 incorporated

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Too much clutter around the universe? Do you have a broken ship that needs a repair? Or are you just looking to top up your fuel reserves? You're in luck! 930 Incorporated is a StarBase faction focused around Salvage, Repair, Refuel and have YOU the costumer at our best interest. 930 is a subsidiary of the Argentavian Federation and with an ever growing list of alliance's and deals we are slowly becoming a well recognised group of individuals.

If you are interested in joining 930 Incorporated, then please follow the link below. We do not wish to hold you doing a job for us, we want you to still be able to experience the game. Just we may call upon you from time to time and you will be free to work on a job at any time.

930; Helping you along the way.

CEO - mrfotnz


930 2.png